Environment And Ecology

Author: Majid Husain

Publisher: G K Publications

Language: English

Book Layout: Reflowable

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First published in 2013, this book Environment and Ecology has witnessed a steady increase in popularity and readership over the last two years. Drawing upon his vast academic and teaching experience, Prof Husain has revised this edition based on constructive suggestions from various quarters. Covering the vast range of topics prescribed in the course structure of the Preliminary and Main Examinations of the Civil Services Exam, the book is settling down as an indispensable book for the aspirants. It is also emerging as a widely appreciated general category book.

Chapters at a glance

Environment and Ecology: Basic Concepts 

Plant and Animal Kingdoms 

Major Biomes 


Biodiversity and Legislations Environmental Degradation and Management 

Climate Change

Natural Hazards and Disaster Management Distribution of World Natural Resources 

Locational Factors of Economic Activities 

Contemporary Socio Economic Issues 

Major Crops and Cropping Patterns in India Glossary

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