Mathematics and Analytical Reasoning - Recap

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Dear LSTian

The Mathematics and Reasoning that tests numerical abilities and understanding is an important part of entrance examinations. In the CLAT and AILET Tests, the Mathematics section carries a weightage of more than 10%, and this is significant from the competition point of view.

Since all of you are done with your concepts and basic questions, now is the time to apply your learning in challenging problems. This booklet is designed to provide you good exposure to a wide variety of problems that appear in exams.

While solving the problems your focus should be on increasing your speed and maintaining accuracy as well as on identifying your key strengths and weaknesses.

Along with these question sets, at the end of each section, we have also provided questions from previous years CLAT and AILET papers. These have been chosen to display both, the type and the difficulty, of certain CLAT and AILET questions. Solving these will give you an insight into the actual nature of law entrance exams.

Happy reading!

Wishing you all the best 

Team LST

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