Fundamentals of Mathematics

Author: Career Launcher

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Language: English

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Dear LSTian

The Mathematics section that tests Mathematics and understanding is an important part of entrance examinations. In the CLAT, Symbiosis and NLS-D tests, the Mathematics section carries a weightage of more than 10%, and this is significant from the competition point of view.

This booklet is specially designed to help you master the Mathematics section. Each topic has an introduction that covers the underlying principles, followed by examples and an exhaustive exercise. Answer keys with explanations are provided as a concluding section. 

To understand Mathematics, students are advised to clear their concepts first with the help of solved examples and then solve the exercises. Finally, students must analyze their solutions with the given explanations and learn from their mistakes. 

A clear understanding of concepts and ample practice are the keywords to master Mathematics sections.

Happy reading!

Wishing you all the best 

Team LST

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