Fundamentals of Grammar

Author: Career Launcher

Publisher: Career Launcher

Language: English

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Dear LSTian

Grammar is an indispensable part of English and helps one in many arenas like communication, writing, business etc. This is the reason why questions based on grammar are asked in many aptitude tests. Aptitude tests for the study of law in India are no different. One needs to be thorough with the basics of grammar to perform well in the aptitude tests, which judge the students on their capability to use correct English. The aim of this book is to improve your grammar skills. Some of the most important topics that need to be done for the law aptitude tests (Parts of Speech, Tenses, Punctuation etc.) are covered in this book. Apart from theory the latter part of the book contains exercises for you to brush up on your learning.

It is advisable that you combine your preparation with classroom exercises and integrate the theory and exercises given in this book with the classroom learning. This means that you read the topics to be covered in the classroom beforehand. Not only will this give you more confidence while attending the class it will also ensure your optimum participation in the classroom. 

Happy reading!

Wishing you all the best. 

Team LST

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