Fundamentals of General Awareness - Indian Polity and Economics

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Dear Student,

          We are delighted to present to you our new product – General Awareness: Indian Polity & Economics – SSC Entrance Exams. The purpose of this book is to prepare you for the Polity & Economics part of the various SSC examinations like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO, etc. The book covers the specific topics which are asked in the various SSC and related examinations. The various topics along with practice exercises their answers and explanations covered in this book are -


Part A: Indian Polity

1.                     Making of the Constitution

2.                     Drafting of Constitution

3.                     Preamble         

4.                     The Union and its Territory

5.                     Citizenship

6.                     Fundamental Rights

7.                     Directive Principles of State Policy

8.                     Fundamental Duties

9.                     Parliament

10.                    The Union Executive

11.                    State Executive

12.                    Union Territories and Jammu and Kashmir

13.                    The Judiciary

14.                    The Electoral System

15.                    Miscellaneous

16.                    Question Bank

17.                    Answer Key

Part B: Economics

1.                     Basics of Economy

2.                     Different Important Concepts of Economics

3.                     Famous Economist Definitions and Quotes

4.                     Important International Institutions

5.                     Important Different Laws, Theories and Graphs of Economics

6.                     Contemporary Economic Terms

7.                     Important Indian Financial Institutions

8.                     Inflation

9.                     Indian Tax Structure

10.                    Foreign Trade-Principles and Beliefs

11.                    Indian Security Market

12.                    Sectors of Economy    

13.                    Economic Planning In India

14.                    Budget

15.                    Question Bank

16.                    Answer key

We sincerely hope and believe that this book will add great value to your learning process and help you achieve your dream goals.

All the best!!


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