Fundamentals of General Awareness - History and Geography

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Dear Student,

          We are delighted to present to you our new product – General Awareness: History & Geography – SSC Entrance Exams. The purpose of this book is to prepare you for the History & Geography part of the various SSC examinations like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO, etc. The book covers the specific topics which are asked in the various SSC and related examinations. The various topics along with practice exercises their answers and explanations covered in this book are -



Part A: History

Ancient Indian History

1.                     Pre-Historic Period       

2.                     Indus Valley Civilization

3.                     Vedic Period

4.                     Sangam Age

5.                     Pre-Maurayan Period

6.                     Maurayan Empire

7.                     The Post Maurayan

8.                     The Gupta Empire

9.                     Post Gupta Period

Medieval Indian History

10.                    Early Medieval History

11.                    Turkish Invasion

12.                    Delhi Sultanate

13.                    Vijaynagar & Bahmani Kingdom

14.                    The Bhakti and the Sufi Movements

15.                    The Mughal Empire

16.                    Maratha Empire

Modern Indian History

17.                    Advent of Europeans in India

18.                    Expansion of British Empire

19.                    The Rebellion of 1857

20.                    Cultural and Social Awakening

21.                    Indian Freedom Movement

22.                    Governor-General and Viceroys of India

23.                    Constitutional Developments

24.                    Miscellaneous

25.                    Question Bank

26.                    Answer Key

Part B: Geography

27.                    Universe

28.                    Climatology

29.                    Geomorphology

30.                    Oceanography

31.                    World’s Continental Geography

32.                    Important Facts

33.                    Physical Geography of India

34.                    Mineral Based Industries In India

35.                    Ecology

36.                    Transport

37.                    Scheduled Tribes

38.                    Terms Related To Geography

39.                    Indian Census 2011

40.                    Question Bank

41.                   Answer Key

We sincerely hope and believe that this book will add great value to your learning process and help you achieve your dream goals.

All the best!!


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